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Roy Arad

Founder and Managing Partner

With over 20 years of experience, Roy Arad has cemented his reputation as a global leader in business development, entrepreneurship, and investment. His technological prowess combined with keen business insight has been instrumental in steering startups towards success, honing their strategies, and securing pivotal funding. In 2020, Roy took the initiative to found Alora Ventures. Roy's expertise is invaluable to international companies navigating the complexities of the U.S. market.

He played a transformative role in the hospitality sector by co-founding As You Stay, an innovative e-commerce platform. At Pango, a mobile payment startup, his strategic interventions led to notable market growth and expansion. Further showcasing his diverse entrepreneurial skills, Roy took on leadership roles at PetWellClinic NYC and contributed significantly to Cyviation, underscoring the importance of cybersecurity in aviation. Roy's academic credentials include a BS in Business Administration from the New York Institute of Technology, where he also holds a position on its esteemed advisory board.

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